Born out of the successful BIM focused meetings held by RUGwell last year, BIM.well is a new group formed to accommodate people interested in BIM no matter what industry segment they are in or what software they use.

BIM.well is not a replacement for RUGwell.
The RUGwell you know and love is still a thriving and well supported group and will stay as a Revit user focused group (I’m a Revit geek and not afraid to admit it!). However, with the two groups we can better meet the interests of more people in this rapidly expanding thing called BIM.

We will be alternating the meetings throughout the year depending on levels of interest – It will still be the 4th Wednesday of the month

Head on over the Eventbrite meeting page to register your attendance.
We will be maintaining a separate email list for BIM.well so please hit the tick box to receive emails about future BIM.well events (if that is what you want).

And please share with anyone you think would be interested.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Grant Taylor, Kevin Thickett & Michael Warwick


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