BIM.well meeting #six

BIM.well meeting #six

Join us for the sixth BIM.well meeting, in association with the BIM Acceleration Committee, an initiative to see an increase in the uptake and depth of use of BIM in New Zealand. Our motto is ‘do.BIM.well’ and that pretty much sums up the vision for this group.

This month we further explore why we use BIM.

Come along from 5:30 for a 6pm start.

Presentation 1

Turning the Tables

Dennis Burns, Archaus

Dennis Burns will take a look at BIM from the other side of the fence, having recently completed a residential development, he will consider what a developers viewpoint of BIM is.

Dennis Burns

Presentation 2

Bringing Real and Virtual Together

Michael Warwick, MAW Design

Michael will give an overview of some of the incredible ways that new tools like drones, augmented reality, virtual reality and photogrammetry are bringing BIM models and construction sites together. Particular emphasis will be on technologies that are here now and affordable rather than technologies still in development.

Special thanks to MAW Design for sponsoring this event.



Time for another BIM.well

Time for another BIM.well

This time it’s a national road show in association with BIM in NZ. Pop over to the Eventbrite page to register.

Presentation 1

Chris Needham, AECOM’s Southern Australia BIM Lead. Presenting the Sydney Opera House BIM+FM Case Study.


The potential BIM promises toward improved Asset Management and Facility Management is widely touted, but rarely in any great detail. This presentation will focus on a case study: the Sydney Opera House, with its ‘BIM+FM Interface’ project. This is a world-renowned architectural icon, set to benefit from extensive use of multiple data sources integrated with an as-built model of the building – all while juggling multiple improvement projects.

Hear about real-world projects with real-world problems and real-world solutions. Topics to be covered will include as-built model specifications, data schema, database integration, information use cases and more. Learn more about the role of middleware in information integration, and the challenges that brings.

Presentation 2

Matthew Duder (EBOSS) presents the results of the 2016 Industry Control Group BIM Survey.

This is the third survey in what is planned to be a five year series that follows the progress of the introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM) into New Zealand.

Presentation 3

BIM Acceleration Committee NZ BIM Handbook update.


The BIM Acceleration Committee released the New Zealand BIM handbook in July 2014. The handbook is the de facto guide of how BIM can be enabled and delivered in New Zealand, defining key terms and describing key processes for ‘doing BIM’.

A small group of BIM practitioners have revised the BIM handbook in light of NZ’s maturity and developing international practice. This short presentation will outline the major developments and changes to the document and its Appendices.

BIM.well meeting #two

BIM.well meeting #two


Join us for the second BIM.well meeting, in association with the BIM Acceleration Committee, an initiative to see an increase in the uptake and depth of use of BIM in New Zealand. Our motto is do.BIM.well and that pretty much sums up the vision for this group.

Come along from 5:30 for a 6pm start at the BECA offices at 85 Molesworth St, Thorndon, Wellington. Three snappy presentations, some news and then a chance to catch-up (or meet up) over drinks.

First Presentation:

NZ BIM Handbook & Construction Industry Council (CIC) Guidelines

Presented by: Jon Williams – Business Director (BECA)

Jon will fill us in on the impending updates to the NZ BIM Handbook & NZCIC Guidelines (now incorporating BIM). These important documents that define how we deliver projects together are in their final draft stages. This is your opportunity to provide feedback before the final documents are released.

We will be unpacking these documents in more detail at future events.

Second Presentation:

Co-ordination and Collaboration

Presented by: Jon Williams (BECA)

These are buzz words that are fundamental to many conversations about BIM. We tend to do a lot of one but not the other. What do they actually mean now and what could they mean on future projects.

Third Presentation:

BIM Pocket Case Studies – The good, the bad and the ugly

Presented by: Kevin Thickett, Michael Warwick, Grant Taylor

A quick format presentation of aspects of BIM used in real (but anonymous) projects that have been successful, or not, and most importantly, why.

Many thanks to our host and sponsor of refreshments for this event, BECA